Murray Arts Council


est. 1977

Murray Arts Council History
The Murray Arts Council was established in 1977 by then-Mayor LaRell D. Muir. His vision was to bring community theater productions and other arts events to the city. For several years the council sponsored a musical production in Murray Park, constructing a stage and renting sound and lighting equipment. The dream was to have a city-owned outdoor amphitheater constructed in Murray Park. That dream became reality in the early 1980s. Today, the tradition of theater and concerts is going strong.
The Murray Arts Advisory Board now oversees Murray's vast arts emphasis. An outdoor summer season includes a six-night Murray Arts Council production. The Arts Council is an all-volunteer organization with members from throughout Salt Lake County. Members of the production staff are paid for their services, helping to guarantee excellence in production. Check out our upcoming show The Little Mermaid here.

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